Provide opportunities of hope and healing for children at risk this Christmas.

What are the needs? 

About half of the nearly 11 million people living in Bolivia are children and adolescents.  Many live in poverty, are vulnerable, suffer abuse, and have very few rights.  It is thought that about 850,000 children and adolescents work to augment their family income.  Bolivian law allows children as young as 10 years of age to work legally.

Children are often exploited in their work environment and they lose out on their childhood, with less than 40% of working children who continue their education, some of whom never go to school at all.

How will your raised funds be used? 

Your financial support ensures that some of Bolivia’s most at risk children are able to acquire educational opportunities, health care, nutritious meals, support, counselling, and life skills training through two life-changing projects, Casa de la Amistad (Friendship House) and Jireh.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff are providing essential food baskets, health checkups and medicine, as well as continued educational support as schools remain closed.  Though many families are facing increased crises during this time, these ministries remain steadfast in their determination to walk alongside those suffering most.

What’s being done to help? 

Casa de la Amistad provides safety and support for children living with one or more parents in prison in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Children are welcomed each day by caregivers who provide spiritual, psychological, and educational support, along with regular health care services and nutritious meals.  Several local churches support this ministry by offering regular devotionals and Bible lessons, and general care and friendship as well. 

Jireh (Hebrew for ‘the Lord will provide’) is a youth-based ministry out of Sinai Baptist Church in Bolivia.  They currently provide youth participants with better nutrition, health and dental checkups, tutoring, school uniforms and learning materials, hygiene education and hygiene kits, while teaching them about the Bible and offering social support as part of the program.  Older youth also receive skills training to help equip them for work.  


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